WellBeing Connections

Sharing Goodness (this one's for Chris!)

15 Feb 2016

I was asked the other day in the review of this website the question “Why a blog? What will you use it for?” Honestly, my first thought was “I really am not sure.” For those who know me, this probably comes as no surprise, since I don’t use social media and prefer in-person or phone over Facebook. (Seriously, not to date myself, but when I went to college, I took a typewriter/word processor and that was pretty advanced at the time. So to think about blogging for this site for all to view, well, that’s a little overwhelming for me.)

Welcome to ISU WellBeing!

08 Feb 2016

Welcome to the ISU WellBeing website! We are the home for employee well-being at Iowa State University.

On the site, you will find information on programs and services across campus that support and encourage your well-being. You can even signup for workshops and sessions anytime through the LEARN button on our home page.

Wait a minute...is it WellBeing or Well-being?

17 Feb 2016

Actually, it's both and then some! According to Merriam-Webster, "well-being" defined as the state of being happy, healthy, or successful is written with a hyphen...