Click HERE for information about accessing EAP services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As an ISU employee, you and your family have access to the Employee Assistance Program, managed by Employee & Family Resources at no cost to you. This benefit helps you and your family with issues affecting your day-to-day life, such as stress, anxiety, depression, parenting, relationships, and legal and financial concerns.  When you call the EAP, a licensed professional counselor will help you decide what steps to take to improve your situation. 

In response to COVID-19, in order to support employees and families, Employee & Family Resources is offering regular webinars. 

  The schedule through December 2020 includes:

Wednesday, October 28th 10:00 AM

Staying Connected in a Social Distanced World with Lars Peterson

It takes intention and hard work to stay engaged while navigating the challenges of social distancing but the good news is – it can be done. This webinar will address: how and why it is important to show compassion for others given the struggles that they may be facing and what you can do to stay safely engaged with others at work, at home and with friends given the limitations of COVID-induced restrictions.  Register Here

Tuesday, November 10th 2:00 PM

Shut Down, Shout Out, or Check-In: How to Communicate Better in Tough Times with Dick Hannasch

When you are stressed or fatigued, work and personal lives can seem like a train wreck.  And when those tough times come, you often change how you communicate without noticing that how you are communicating actually makes matters worse and can derail relationships. This session will increase self-awareness of what you change change in tough times, why you do it, and what you can do to communicate more effectively, reduce the risk of derailing relationships, and get communication on track.  Register Here

Wednesday, November 18th 10:00 AM

Healthier Holidays: Mindful Eating with Susie Roberts

Eating is a natural, healthy, and pleasurable activity for both satisfying hunger and fueling the body. However, in our food-abundant, diet-obsessed culture, eating is too often mindless, and guilt-inducing instead. As we kick off the holiday season, learn how to eat mindfully while enjoying food and festivities.  Register Here

Wednesday, December 2nd 10:00 AM

Sustainable Healthy Habits with Kevin Peterson

Learn how resilience, honesty, compassion, and progressive steps to action are the key factors in setting successful health and wellness goals.  Register Here

Here are the ways the EAP can support you and your family:

24-Hour Telephone Support for immediate assistance from EAP counselors. Web-based chat is also available.

Face-to-Face Counseling for up to six visits, per issue, per year. These visits are with qualified counselors in your local area, and referrals to long-term services are provided when needed.

Financial Consultation is available from financial experts, on topics such as budgeting, credit reports, debt management, and more. You receive one 30-minute consultation per year, per topic. Referrals to local resources are provided when ongoing services are requested.

Legal Consultation is offered as a free, 30-minute telephone or in-person consultation with a local attorney. You can receive professional legal advice on topics such as personal and family issues, civil and consumer issues, real estate services, criminal matters, IRS matters, and more. If you need ongoing legal representation, this service is provided to you at a 25% discount.

Life Coaching is a service offered to help individuals achieve their work-life goals. You have access up to six coaching sessions via phone, and these sessions can help you identify what you want while overcoming obstacles to achieve your goals.

Elder Care Resources aid in providing support for those caring for an aging parent or other family member. Resources include connections to local in-home care, alternative living arrangements, legal and financial issues, and more.

Identity Theft Resolution helps with emergency response in the event of identity theft, provides victims with a free "ID Theft Emergency Response Kit", and assists employees with restoring their identity and credit. 

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