Financial WellBeing is a satisfaction with one's overall standard of living. It represents our ability to effectively manage our economic lives. It is our financial security.

What this looks like:

  • participation in voluntary retirement plans
  • confidence in executing a budget, living within our means, and saving for the future
  • being undistracted by financial worries and having resources and tools available
  • spending money on memories and experiences, not things

Did you miss the last Ready, Set, Retire!?

Presentation slides and recordings can be found below!

Medicare and Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) Resources

Dayle Nickerson, Joan Grabenstetter, Bruce Johnson, and Robert Bergmann, SHIIP

Iowa State University Benefits

Iowa State UHR Benefits Team

Emotionally Preparing for Retirement (EFR)

Lars Peterson, EFR

Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System (IPERS)

Kievin Wendt, IPERS

TIAA Retirement Income Options

Kelsey Summers, TIAA

Additional Retirement Resources

  • Preparing for Retirement
  • A Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan allows you to contribute additional funds to your retirement on a tax-deferred, or after-tax (Roth) basis. Even with Social Security, pension plans, and savings accounts it can be difficult to save enough for retirement. A voluntary savings account can be a useful asset in helping you prepare for retirement.
  • Don’t Let Surprises Spoil Your Retirement” is currently available for viewing in Learn@ISU. During this Council Seminar Series Event in May, Barb Wollan, human sciences specialist in family finance, discussed costs employees will experience in retirement related to issues their employer takes care of while they are working, what current low inflation rates may mean, and more.

Financial Education Seminar & Webinars

Every year Iowa State University partners with our retirement vendors to offer free financial education seminars and webinars for employees and significant others. Whether you are learning to spend within your means, invest in your future, or live in retirement, there is a session for you! 

TIAA On-Campus Seminars

All TIAA on-campus seminars are postponed until further notice. TIAA is offering virtual meetings through the local Ames Office and other online tools:  Career Stage Resources, TIAA Mobile App, Digital Retirement Planning.

TIAA Online Webinars

To register for one of the upcoming webinars, visit TIAA's Live Webinar Lounge, complete the login, and select the webinar of your choice.

AIG Retirement Services

The seminar/webinar schedule is currently TBD.

All AIG on-campus seminars are postponed until further notice. Contact 515.440.3000, and ask for Dan Allen or David Dykstra to schedule an appointment.

Ameriprise (Keeling Wealth Advisors)

All Ameriprise on-campus seminars are postponed until further notice. Contact 515.253.8200, and ask for Colette Gunhus or Julie Jeno to schedule an appointment.

Government Financial Literacy Programs

  • is a one-stop shop website for government personal finance programs, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Federal Reserve, Securities and Exchange Commission, Social Security Administration, and more!!
  • The Veterans Benefits Administration offers various resources to qualified veterans, federal employees/benefit recipients, and the general public.

Learn Online With TIAA, AIG, and Ameriprise

Iowa State University Benefit Programs

Cash and Debt Management