Staying connected and keeping a sense of community is more important now than ever in this time of ever changing circumstances. We all need human connection and unfortunately, this prolonged social isolation can really impact all aspects of our well-being. You may feel like your colleagues appear to have it all worked out and you are still struggling.  Remember, working remotely and work-life balance look different for everyone.  You will figure out what works for you, but it takes time and support! 

Being kind and compassionate to yourself and staying connected to family, friends and colleagues during this time is a priority for ISU WorkLife!  We host several live events each week to support our ISU community and to help create some opportunities for connection: Mid-Morning Mindfulness, WorkLife Connections, and Friday Walk and Talks.

If you have any questions, please email ISU WorkLife.

Mid-Morning Mindfulness - Recordings 

WorkLife Connections - Recordings

Well-being Wednesday Conversations - Recordings


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