We are changing to ISU WorkLife Connections.  

Well-being Wednesday Conversations is transforming to ISU WorkLife Connections.  Join us and see what is happening!

We want to connect with you! WorkLife is part WellBeing and part Children and Family Services - all about supporting the employees of ISU and their families.  Every Wednesday we will continue to offer conversations on work life during these changing times. 

As we move forward towards Fall semester, it is important to remember your own work-life balance along with those you interact each day.  The intention of WorkLife Connections is to offer information and resources to support the work-life of employees both at work and at home. We hope to create a space for learning, sharing and connecting with other ISU employees as things continue to evolve. 


Upcoming Webinars:

June 23rd : 2:30 - 3:00 P.M. The Science of Parenting- Parenting Your Preschooler

“Why? But Why?” “Are we there yet?”, “That person *pointing finger* looks”… Preschoolers say the darnedest things. The Science of Parenting team will explore how their developmental tasks impact their behaviors and what we as parents can do to support them along the way!

To join the conversations,

1. Email ISU WorkLife Connections to receive a meeting invite for your calendar,

2. Email ISU WellBeing with additional questions.

If you can not join us live, many of our previous ISU WorkLife Connections (formally Well-Being Wednesday Conversations) recordings can be found here.