Pick a Pause

Pick a Pause was created for when you have just a little time or simply want to explore what the Strolls for Well-being at ISU are all about. There are a total of ten Pick a Pause options. 

Four are NEW for Summer and are located in Ames but away from central campus to offer opportunities to explore other parts of ISU.  Six are based on the Fall strolls and offer opportunities to explore one pause at a time.

Choose one of the pauses listed below, download the PDF and begin the experience. Make the time to take a few deep breaths, notice the natural beauty around you and simply ‘be’ for a few moments as you explore.

As you begin, find a comfortable place at the location you have decided on. Once you are there, stop and take a few deep breaths, noticing and being grateful for the air coming into your body to support you. Breathe out all the stress and tension you may be feeling or holding inside.

Notice the two intentions that are offered by Strolls for Well-being at ISU.  One intention is to notice the physical location, the natural wonders all around and the amazing art displayed on campus. The other intention is a contemplative pause as you reflect on past, present and future aspects of your life.

As you prepare to start, begin to still your mind. Put aside thoughts of schedules, to-do lists and other responsibilities. Come into this present moment– be right here, right now. Bring your full attention to the experience and the reflective opportunities.

NEW -Summer Pick a Pause options - these are four locations part of the Ames Campus away from central campus.  Places to explore for those who work in these areas and all who want to explore other parts of campus. - NOW available!  

Fall Pick a Pause options - one connected to each of the six pause locations identified for the Fall Strolls.  Refer to the map on this website if needed to find where a specific location.

We hope that you enjoy the Pick a Pause opportunities.