Strolls by the Season

The New Summer Strolls with themes of Reflection, Fulfillment and Freedom have been added and now there are a total of twelve Strolls - each with a different theme. 

Fall Strolls themes are Connection, Awareness and Transition.  Winter Strolls themes are Possibility, Journey and Gratitude. Spring Strolls themes are Joy, Forgiveness and Trust.

To begin, decide on how much time you have for this experience. Depending on your location, a single pause could be done in around 15-20 minutes and a full stroll (six pauses) could take up to an hour. If you do not have time for an entire stroll, look at the various pauses and select one that sounds interesting.

Next, decide on the theme (Fall - Connection, Awareness, and Transition; Winter - Possibility, Journey, and Gratitude; Spring - Joy, Forgiveness and Trust; or Summer - Reflection, Fulfillment and Freedom) you want to explore today and download the complete Stroll.  For convenience in creating the Strolls, each pause has a number attached to it and each season has different pause locations with different maps.  You do not need to begin at the Pause #1 - start where it works for you. At each pause, there is a reflective prompt and either an opportunity to connect to your physical senses or a mindful movement, plus a blank area for you to jot down your thoughts with words or images.

Click on the image below for the Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer Strolls to learn more about each themed Stroll and download a guide to the Stroll that you choose.