Welcome to ISU WellBeing!

16 Feb 2016

Welcome to the ISU WellBeing website! We are the new location for employee well-being at Iowa State University. Actually, we are more than a new location, we are here to address three concerns you shared with us.  

First, we are the home for Iowa State University employee well-being or ISU WellBeing! You will find all the programs and services, resources, and available tools as they come available here on our website.

Second, we are the hub for other Iowa State programs that support employee well-being. We have created a quick links section on every page to take you directly to those services provided just for your health and well-being.

Finally, we are the communication center for ISU WellBeing! You told us you received enough emails, so we are using our website to post upcoming programs and services, announcements, and fun information. You can review it when it is convenient for you and reach out to us anytime through the contact us form.

Check out some of the website highlights

  • On our HOME page you can sign up for workshops and sessions anytime through the LEARN@ISU button. And, we have included QUICK LINKS on every page so you can find well-being services across campus with one click.
  • The ABOUT ISU WELLBEING includes information from the ISU WellBeing Action Plan including guiding principles, strategic priorities, and our phased implementation over the next few years.
  • You will find a compilation of ISU programs, community services, and health and wellness resources we recommend on the RESOURCES page too. 
  • Looking for more on a specific ELEMENT OF WELL-BEING, we've given each one it's own tab. Here you can find programs, resources and assistance in a specific area of well-being, as well as, announcements of current offerings and upcoming events.
  • As we continue to grow our program here at ISU, you will be able to find all the PROGRAMS AND SERVICES offered through ISU WellBeing here on our site.
  • And, don't forget our BLOG! We'll add our own thoughts, insights, and tips on well-being as we move through the year. And, don't be surprised if you see an occasional guest blogger from across the universtiy. 

We aren’t done yet either! We know you are looking for that individual attention and we are working on it. Watch for more information Coming Soon on an interactive and engaging well-being portal you can customize to fit your specific well-being needs!

Thanks for visiting, come back often, and don't forget to reach out to us on our CONTACT US page. We look forward to partnering with you to create the conditions in which well-being and healthy livestyles can thrive at ISU!


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