Extinguish your Stress by Igniting a Relationship with Movement!

1 Mar 2020

You're not alone if you're feeling stressed out! Today more people than ever are experiencing the negative effects of stress in their everyday lives. We're all looking for a magical stress relief to melt our cares away. While exercise may not be magical, research continues to support movement’s positive impact in relieving stress. But for most the idea of exercise tends to trigger negative attitudes and resistance to regular movement.

Look no further for a movement solution! The "Ignite your Relationship with Movement" workshop is a four week workshop guided by Recreation Services’ Assistant Director of Fitness Nora Hudson that will encourage you to be more intentional with movement. Each one-hour session introduces simple mind/body exercises and self-exploration techniques that ignite a positive relationship with movement and positively influence overall well-being.

Each week aims to build experiences that support new movement embracing habits and focuses on a different foundational principle:

Week 1: Understand the connection between movement and relieving stress

Week 2: Identify attitudes and behaviors that prevent regular movement

Week 3: Discover mind/body movement that refuels and connects

Week 4: Experience movement patterns that ignite exercise opportunities

Class format is participatory and includes lecture, discussion and experiential activities. Participants who attend all four sessions are eligible to receive a one month pass to Recreation Services Facilities.


Ignite your Relationship with Movement Workshop:

Mondays, 11:00am-Noon, March 23- April 13, 2020

State Gym Conference Room 0185

Register Here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8T7HRYY

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