Blood Supply Needs Your Donation!

23 Mar 2020


Across the blood industry, nearly 4,000 blood drives have been cancelled, resulting in some 130,000 fewer blood donations due to concerns about COVID-19. Around 500 of those lost donations come from LifeServe Blood Center’s drive cancellations from Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota, and thousands more are expected to be added to the tally as more drives cancel.

Our ability to have a safe and available blood supply is directly related to generous community members continuing to donate where they’re able. We believe our blood drives and donor centers are safe places to visit thanks to our regular disinfecting and cleaning, as well as our implementation of social distancing recommendations and additional blood donor screening questions.

Please consider donating at a donation center in your area now and in the next few months to come!


Ames Donor Center
819 Wheeler Street, Suite 1
Ames, IA 50010
(800) 287-4903

For those outside the Ames area, check Life Serve for listing of other locations in Iowa

Don't forget LifeServe QuickPass! You can fill out your donor history questionnaire the day of your donation from the comfort of wherever you are! Use your mobile device, home computer or whatever technology you like to get a head start on your donation.

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