COVID Recovery Iowa

28 May 2020

The State of Iowa has received federal funding from FEMA to offer free virtual counseling to people who have been affected, in any way, by COVID-19. Iowa Department of Human Services has contracted with several providers throughout the state to provide counseling, virtual activities, referrals and help finding resources. For complete information go to COVID Recovery Iowa.

These efforts are through  and offer the following services:


Providing emotional support, education, and basic crisis counseling to you and your family and connecting you to community support systems.


Reaching out via secure virtual meetings with you or others in your community to help with recovery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic


Assessing your needs and making referrals to community-based disaster relief services and agencies to extend support services when necessary.


Providing education to help you understand responses, processes and assistance opportunities related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Iowans of all ages may join groups online to find support and learn creative strategies for for coping with the effects of the pandemic. COVID Recovery Iowa will announce additional programs in the coming weeks to help Iowans build coping skills and resilience.

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