Live Events: June 8th - 12th

8 Jun 2020


Tuesday, June 9:


Wednesday, June 10:

  • EFR Webinar Series: "Back to the Workplace: Managing the “New Normal” with Skill & Grace" - 10:00 am
    • During this webinar, managers and employees will gain a better understanding of the stressors associated with returning to a dramatically different workplace. We will explore practical
      strategies for managing the stress and anxiety that comes with this “new normal” while gaining insight into how employees can communicate their needs while being compassionate with
      others who have different perspectives.


  • Webinar: Well-being Wednesday Conversation – 2:30 – 3:00 pm
    • Topic: Supporting our ISU Community:  Stress Assistance from Human Sciences Extension and Outreach.
    • Speakers: David Brown, Behavioral Health State Specialist/Human Sciences Extension and Outreach and Tammy Jacobs, Hotline Coordinator/ Iowa State University Extension and Outreach


Thursday, June 11:


Friday, June 12:

  • Family Fridays Webinar Series! - 10:00 - 11:00 am
    • Topic:  “Visualizing Our Life Journey Using the Kawa River Self-Expression Model” you can register here.

    • Speaker: Teresa Matibag, Doctor of Occupational Medicine candidate, Creighton University

    • Art supplies required! The Kawa River Model an an Asian model used to create awareness and explore aspects of ourselves.  The Kawa River Model is a metaphor for the journey of life. This approach allows one to holistically describe life as a collective experience.  Participants will describe and illustrate (drawing, pasting pictures, using stickers, etc.) the five components of the river model. What is important is how the river is described by the one creating it. Suggested supplies include paper, markers, and/or journal/notebook.


  • Walk and Talk - Time to start up for the summer - get your walking shoes on and join us virtually OR call a friend and walk!


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