Five Mile Routes


Hilton Coliseum Five Mile Route

Currently this is our only five-mile route and it is called “Hilton.” This route takes you all the way to Hilton Coliseum! Make sure to look out for the Cy statue that looks like a super hero — it’s enough to make you think Hilton Magic is real! Hilton Coliseum was named after Dr. James H. Hilton. Dr. Hilton was the president of Iowa State University who presented the idea for the Iowa State Center. Hilton Coliseum was completed in 1971 at a cost of $8.1 million, and can seat approximately 14,000 for athletic events and 15,000 for concerts. The first event in Hilton was an agriculture conference; the first athletic event was a men’s basketball game between Iowa State and Arizona, which ISU won, of course. For more information about Hilton Coliseum, click here.


Hilton Coliseum Map PDF