One Mile Routes


     Adventure2 Route                                                               

     Cardinal & Gold Route

     Farm House Route

     Marston Water Tower Route

     Music Hall Route

     Lagomarcino Route

     Vet Med Route

     Alumni Center Route


Adventure2 One Mile Route

This route is named for the ISU WellBeings online portal, Adventure2, a holistic employee well-being program designed to support you in living your best life every day! This annual program offers exciting opportunities to participate in throughout the year that support your personal health and well-being, connect you with colleagues across the university, and contribute to a thriving university culture! This route is often used for ISU WellBeing Cyday Friday walk event held each fall and is worth 100 points toward your annual Adventure2 total! Employees who are eligible can sign into Adventure2 by following this link.

Adventure2 Map PDF


Cardinal & Gold One Mile Route

The iconic school colors were not always our school colors; originally, the colors were silver, black, and gold. How did we land on cardinal and gold then? The original colors were difficult to use for athletic uniforms so the colors were changed! On this route, you will see many students wearing our famous colors whilst walking around Hawthorne Court, where hundreds of students live in ISU apartments. For more information about ISU colors & history, click here.

Cardinal & Gold Map PDF


Farm House One Mile Route

This route goes by the historic Farm House, which was the first building on campus and is a National Historic Landmark. Built in 1860 and used as a house for various ISU personnel, it’s now a free museum. Maybe after a walk you can check out a bit of ISU history! For more information about the Farm House, click here.

Farm House Map PDF


Martson Water Tower One Mile Route

On this route, you will walk right past another part of Iowa State history. The water tower at Marston Hall was built after a water shortage that resulted in cancelled classes — which is surprising because Iowa State NEVER cancels classes. Another amazing fun fact is that it was the FIRST elevated steel water tower west of the Mississippi River! If you love history this walk is perfect for you – and even if not, walking is still a nice break from work! For more information about Martson Water Tower, click here.

Marston Water Tower Map PDF


Music Hall One Mile Route

Jog past one of the more modern buildings on campus — known for its excellent acoustic qualities — at Iowa State University. The building contains rooms for large ensemble rehearsals, small ensemble rehearsals, a percussion practice room, an instrument repair facility, practice rooms containing pianos, and the Martha-Ellen Tye Recital Hall. This recital hall is considered to be one of the premier acoustic environments in the Midwest and was most recently renovated in 2006. This building replaced the original Music Hall, a house built in 1870 for Professor George W. Jones. For more information about Music Hall, click here.

Music Hall Map PDF


Lagomarcino One Mile Route

This route takes you by the original home of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University. Lagomarcino Hall was constructed in 1912, with additions to the building in 1956 and 1962 that increased its size dramatically. The building’s north, east and west wings form a large courtyard down the center giving students a shaded outdoor space to study. In 1978, the Veterinary Medicine College relocated to its current facility on South 16th Street, the College of Education moved in and the building was renamed in honor of Virgil Lagomarcino, the first dean of the College of Education who served from 1968 until 1990. For more information about Lagomarcino, click here.

Lagomarcino Map PDF


Vet Med One Mile Route

As the nation’s first public veterinary school, Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine takes pride in its heritage while shaping the future of veterinary professional practice, education, research and service.  This route will take you past the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Clinic, which takes you on a gravel path with nice trees to look at.

Vet Med Map PDF


Alumni Center One Mile Route

The Alumni center is home to many pieces of art – one in particular to note is the Cyclone Tower. Artist Lyle London created this sculpture in the shape of a cyclone. It spins, plays music and features special lightning and thunder effects! This route will take you around the Cyclone tower – make sure to listen for its music! For more information about Cyclone Tower, click here.

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