Indoor Maps

These buildings are our top picks for our indoor walking routes. If you do not see your building below consult the ISU Maps website to find one in your area!

ISU WellBeing encourages safe walking and courteous walking on all provided routes. These routes were created for the Iowa State community, with consideration for location and distance. That being said please consider these courtesy guidelines for walking in ISU buildings.

  • Walk at a comfortable pace and be conscious of your surroundings - walk routes and buildings are not a racetrack
  • ISU Buildings may have restricted building access and limited access within those building
  • Consider the time of day you are walking - heavy traffic may impact your ability to walk. Peak times on campus include before class and when classes are over
  • Pay attention to where you are walking – don’t walk distracted


For building information, safe walking tips, or our activity conversion chart please follow the links provided.

How to Read Your Map

  • Each map has a floor recommendation based on building activity in the lower right corners
  • Building accessibility is also located in the lower right corners
  • The top corner of each map has the distance labeled (e.g. 1 lap = ¼ mile)
  • For additional information about utilizing the indoor routes – check out our Courtesy & Building Guidelines



          1/4 Mile Indoor Routes                  1/2 Mile Indoor Routes                      1 Mile Indoor Routes

You can download all of the Indoor Map Routes here.

Due to security, safety, and construction we have decided not to post maps for the following buildings:

  • Adminstrative Services Building 
  • Alumni Center
  • Beardshear Hall 
  • Environmental Health and Safety 
  • Gerdin Business Building
  • Veterinary Medicine Building

If you are an employee in one of these buildings and would like to view your buildings route, email for your route!