Quarter Mile Routes

Agronomy Hall                      Carver Hall                 Food Sciences Building             Scheman Building

Bessey Hall                           Coover Hall                Memorial Union

There are a few considerations regarding walking in buildings and safely walking outdoors. Please review safe walking tips & outdoor walking tips before utilizing our indoor and outdoor walking routes.

You can download all of the Indoor Map Routes here.

Agronomy Hall

Second or Third Floor

Agronomy Hall is beautiful on the inside and the outside. The inside of the building houses the Agronomy Department for the university. Throughout the builidng you will see agricultural portraits, murals, and portraits of many ISU alumni. If this building isn't your homebase consider visting for a quick walk! 






















Second, Third or Fourth Floor

Bessey Hall has experienced a renovation and this indoor route takes you through the new addition. During this walk you can enjoy the beautiful open balacony on the second, third, and fourth floor. Hanging over the student lounge is a wonderful yarn chandelier. If you want to experience some of ISU's great art - Bessey is the destination for you!


First, Second or Third Floor

Carver Hall is known for its namesake - George Washington Carver. He is best known for his 325 creations from peanut products, 100 creations from sweet potatoes, and many more creations from native southern plants. This ISU alumi has Carver Hall named after him, and a statue of him right outside! Once you take a look at his statue, and thank him for peanut butter, you can enjoy this indoor route! For more information about George Washington Carver, Click here.





















Coover Hall

First Floor

Coover Hall is the home of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and is named after prominent Electrical Engineer Mervin Coover. The department of Electrical and Computer Engineerings has created innovative technology throughout ISU history. To name a few, infant respiratory augmentor, Cyclone Computer, and early research with TV's. While walking this path you can consider the amazing technological advances made right here at ISU. For more information about the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Click here.


Food Science

Second Floor

This building is home to some incredible pieces created by artist Youssef Asar - located in the south entry hallway of the Food Science Building. For this indoor route, you can look at the incredible series of paintings titled Determination, Eternal, and George Washington Carver's potrait. While walking you can discover other great things about this building! What are you wating for?


Memorial Union

Second Floor

The Memorial Union has much more to offer than shopping for the latest ISU gear at the University Bookstore! Once you have finsihed your route - you have plenty more you can explore within this building. You can go and check out the famous Zodiac, a Floor Medallion in the south entrance, and the Stained Glass Windows in the Gold Star Hall. For more information about Memorial Union, Click here.



Second Floor

Scheman building, which is part of the Iowa State Center, holds a variety of events throughout the year. The most notable event for the students would be the Career Fairs. The next time you are at an event at Scheman, take a break from breakout sessions, guest speakers, or other meetings for a nice walk!