Safe Walking Tips

Stair Safety

A great opportunity during intense weather (frequent here in Iowa) is to utilize the stairs for movement! While they are a great tool for getting some extra steps – there are some safety guidelines you should keep in mind.

Consider these “steps” when using the stairs

  • Use the handrail – two points of contact will help with stability
  • Don’t run – walk
  • Avoid distractions – cell phone, reading, or even conversation
  • Make sure you have a free hand in case of a fall
  • Consider the weather outside – this may create slippery conditions. Take appropriate care
  • Report unsafe conditions to EH&S via barriers to access
  • Consider the environment – uneven steps, lighting, or unusual stairs (e.g. Beardshear stairs)
  • Be aware of what you’re wearing – shoes, long garments, or slippery shoes
  • Try not to carry items up and down stairs. Use alternative methods, taking the elevator, or ask for help

With these in mind you should be able to safely utilize the stairs on campus!

General Tips

When walking you can consider these guidelines to ensure safe walking in your building!

  • Warm up and cool down
  • Use correct technique – steady pace, swing your arms freely, stand straight, foot strikes heel to toe
  • Proper attire – wear comfortable shoes! This might mean bringing or leaving walking shoes to the office (if applicable to your space)
  • Drink plenty of water

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