Indoor Walking Guidelines


Iowa State University is a public entity with campus populations present. The buildings are used for a variety of reasons, classrooms, office space, recreation and other programs. Please be thoughtful of your environment. If you are unsure what that entails consider these tips.

  • Walk at a comfortable pace and be conscious of your surroundings - walk routes and buildings are not a racetrack
  • ISU Buildings may have restricted building access and limited access within those building.
  • Consider the time of day you are walking - heavy traffic may impact your ability to walk. Peak times on campus include before class and when classes are over
  • Pay attention to where you are walking – don’t walk distracted



Every building on campus is unique and you probably know your building better than any others. We have provided 20 indoor routes here but if your building is not one of them, below are some materials to consider when walking indoors.

  • If you have questions regarding building information please use this link for your building
  • When walking please consider these safety tips
  • Another thing to consider is building activity – we have a graph at this link for download that will help you determine if a building is ideal for walking. This graph also tells which buildings already have a map route created



Building accessibility on the maps are highlighted with colors to show elevator access and provides information for accessible entrances. If you have further questions about building accessibility building information provides details about building accessibility and campus construction.

If you have concerns about accessibility there is a “Barrier to Access” page that allows you to bring these concerns to light to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Facilities, Planning and Management.