Additonal Resources

If you’re considering additional campus activities this page provides other available resources and information that ISU has to offer.

Recreation Services

Iowa State Recreation Services pride themselves on “creating programs for everyone”. With a plethora of information, resources, and activities there is plenty to choose from! Below we give brief descriptions of some but not all of the programs that are available to you.

Exercise Clinic

The Exercise Clinic is an on campus adult fitness program sponsored by the Kinesiology Department. The program is available to the ISU community and the general public – but not undergraduate students.

  • Provides safe and effective exercise programs tailored to each participant
  • Creates an environment conducive to participants enjoying physical activity

Group Fitness

Iowa State Recreation Services provides a variety of programs! Group Fitness is one way to get active during your day. To register and look at the schedule for this semesters fitness classes click here. You can box, do Pilates, or even yoga!

Personal Training

Looking for a more individualized program? Recreation Services also provides Personal Training! This is a great opportunity for you and the students. Student personal trainers will work one on one with you and create a personalized program. For your own individualized program or more information follow this link.

Outdoor Recreation Program

Have you ever wanted to try rock climbing walls? Or to take an outdoor weekend trip? If so Outdoor Recreation Programs provide you with the resources to try a few new things!  Follow this link for more information about ISU climbing walls, bike maintenance, equipment rental, workshops, weekend trips and extended trips!


Finally, if you want the resources of State Gym, Lied Gym, Beyer Hall and a few others you can check out membership fees here.

ISU WellBeing Resources 


Adventure2 is a whole person employee well-being program designed to support you in living your best life every day! This annual program offers exciting opportunities to participate in throughout the year that support your personal health and well-being, connect you with colleagues across the university, and contribute to a thriving university culture! Click here to find out if you are eligible to participate!

ISU WellBeing Website

In addition to Adventure2 ISU WellBeing has a website! This website has a variety of resources specifically for employees. You’ll find useful links, WellBeing news, and contact information. To check out our website follow this link.

Outdoor Walking

Want to enjoy our beautiful campus? ISU WellBeing provides you with Outdoor Walking Routes on our Outdoor Walking Page! This page includes ½ mile distances, 1 mile distances, 3 mile distances, and 5 mile distances. These routes take you all across campus, and impart some ISU fun facts!

Our Outdoor Walking Page has additional resources that can be utilized while walking one of our outdoor walking routes. Below are the links to each page.

Safe Walking Tips

Create Your Own Route

How Do I Host a Walking Meeting

Walking Resources