• Financial Well-being2

Financial WellBeing is a satisfaction with one's overall standard of living. It represents our ability to effectively manage our economic lives. It is our financial security.

What this looks like

  • participation in voluntary retirement plans
  • confidence in executing a budget, living within our means, and saving for the future
  • being undistracted by financial worries and having resources and tools available
  • spending money on memories and experiences, not things

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2020 Financial Education Seminar & Webinar Schedule!

17 Jan 2020

Every year Iowa State University partners with our retirement vendors to offer free financial education seminars and webinars for employees and significant others. Whether you are learning to spend within your means, invest in your future, or live in retirement, there is a session for you! Please see our 2020 schedule below:

TIAA On-Campus Seminars

Monday, Feb. 24 – Gaining Insight:  Navigating Debt Consolidation and Understanding the Mortgage Process  (Noon - 1 p.m., MU Campanile Room)

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