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Cyday Friday Walk - fun was had by MANY!

03 Oct 2017

Last Friday September 29th approximately 200 employees came out for the annual Cyday Friday employee fun walk! It was a beautiful fall day for a one mile jaunt around central campus, with special guest President Allen. Before the walk even started there was mayhem... a scurry to be one of the first 100 people there sporting ISU gear to get a FREE Cyday Friday water bottle! If you missed out on a chance for the water bottle - employees were encouraged to put their name in for a drawing - eight lucky people got special Cyday Friday prizes for attending!

2017 Local Foods Festival Success!

25 Sep 2017

Thank you to all who came out and participated in the third annual Local Foods Festival Tuesday morning! The gloomy morning weather did not deter people from attending and sporting their Local Foods Festival reusable bag – made from recycled PET (#1) plastic! The reusable bag wasn’t the only staple of the event – organic suckers, fresh pretzels, free water bottles, and even local Honeybees were there!

Don't Miss out on the Local Foods Festival 2017!!

05 Sep 2017

The third-annual Local Foods Festival will start at 9:30 a.m. and run until 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 19! Last year we had a record-breaking attendance of 2,500 ISU employees and students, and we’re hoping to have a great turn out again this year!

Taxes Are Due Soon...Are You Ready?!

20 Mar 2017

Guest Blogger - Ryan Stuart, UHR, Benefits Student Assistant

It’s that time of year again and tax season is well under way. In fact, you have less than one month to get them completed! No reason to panic, but definitely time to get motivated. This will be the first of a three-part series focused on helping you reduce stress and succeed financially during the tax season. We start off with four steps to help you make it through the tax season.

National Hand Washing Week

08 Dec 2016

We’ve all been there, someone coughs or sneezes directly into their hands and then proceeds to shake yours. We instantly become consumed by the thought of all the germs moving from their hands to ours and we get the urge to wash our hands. Well in honor of these all too frequent encounters and the cold and flu season, this week, December 4-12, is national handwashing week.

Safe Toy and Gift Month

02 Dec 2016

Well, we’ve definitely made our way into the holiday season. We’re surrounded by decorations, cookies, parties, warm greetings, and for many of us, a few gifts. As a part of many different holiday traditions, we give gifts to children and loved ones. Whether it’s honoring the eight days of Hanukah, a Christmas present from Santa, or you’re simply celebrating a winter birthday, there may be children’s presents involved.

Friday Walk & Talk Program Ends for the Season

22 Nov 2016

I want to extend a “Thank you” to everyone who participated in the Friday Walk & Talk event this fall! It was great to meet all of you. I truly enjoyed your company and conversation as we walked the many miles around campus. Your participation and your honest input will really helped to expand this pilot program and start a similar group in the spring.

One Last Chance...Limited Suppy of Vaccine Left!

25 Oct 2016

Runny noses, body chills, sore throats, body aches, and that formidable high fever…that is not the condition you want to find yourself in this winter. If you’re wondering what kind of magic can ward off the dreadful symptoms of influenza, it’s the flu vaccine, and approximately 3,300 of your fellow employees received theirs in the past two weeks.

Cyday Friday success sparks weekly campus walks!!

13 Oct 2016

On Friday, September 30th, 136 employees were seen walking around central campus adorned in their favorite ISU gear. They were gathered for ISU WellBeing’s first Cyday Friday Walk.

Cyday Friday Walk THIS FRIDAY!

28 Sep 2016

Friday morning when you’re digging through your closet looking for something to wear, grab your cherished cyclone jacket or your favorite ISU t-shirt and show your cyclone pride. It just might win you a free water bottle!

Friday Walk & Talk brings new opportunity to Employees

22 Sep 2016

Picture this: it’s almost lunch time on Friday, you’re starting to feel worn down from the week, you have a great story to tell your coworker, and you’re searching for that last burst of energy to finish off the day. So you grab another caffeine and sugar loaded frozen latte, frappe, grande, caramel cappuccino drink. Well…what if we told you we have a better solution…

Thank you for making the Local Food Festival a Success!

20 Sep 2016

The local food festival, last Tuesday, September 13, was a tremendous success. The event hosted more than 2,500 employees and students, more than doubling its attendance from the previous year.

Local Food Festival Brings Farmers Market to Campus!

20 Sep 2016

This Tuesday over 2,500 employees and students passed through the Local Food Festival on central campus. The farmer’s market feel offered participants a break from the cafeteria, coffee shop, and food truck climate on campus. The event truly was “An Adventure  in Eating.”

The REALITY of Reality TV!!

23 May 2016



On Monday, May 2nd the New York Times released this article “After ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight” by Gina Kolata. The article speaks to the challenges the contestants in Season 8 had in keeping weight off after the program. In fact, 14 of the 16 were retested six years later by Dr. Kevin Hall at the National Institutes of Health and 13 of the 14 had regained weight.