Safe Toy and Gift Month

Well, we’ve definitely made our way into the holiday season. We’re surrounded by decorations, cookies, parties, warm greetings, and for many of us, a few gifts. As a part of many different holiday traditions, we give gifts to children and loved ones. Whether it’s honoring the eight days of Hanukah, a Christmas present from Santa, or you’re simply celebrating a winter birthday, there may be children’s presents involved.

While you just can’t beat the excitement of wrapping… and unwrapping presents, there are a few things to consider before picking out the perfect gift. It’s not simply enough to select an appropriate gift based on the child’s likes and hobbies but to consider their safety as well. It will come as no surprise that December is National Safe Toy and Gift Month. Child and Family and Mayo Clinic all offer suggestions when selecting a children’s gift this holiday season

        >Avoid small parts or accessories for children under 4.

        >Avoid toys with strings, straps, and cords for children under 7.

        >Avoid electric toys with heating elements for children under 8.


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