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NEW Campus Walking Resources available online! 

2 May 2018

ISU WellBeing has added some new Campus Walking Resources to our website! Under the Resources tab, you will find Walking on Campus. This section includes Maps, Safe Walking Tips, Create Your Own route, How Do I Host a Walking Meeting, and other Walking Resources!

ISU Flu Shot Clinic a Success! Vaccine Options Still Available

22 Oct 2018

The flu shot clinic this October provided over 3,200 vaccines to employees on campus over the two-week period! Thank you for participating and making this service such a huge success!

For those who may have missed the clinic, don’t worry, there is still time and convenient options available for getting vaccinated this flu season.

Local Food Festival Brings Farmers Market to Campus!

20 Sep 2016

This Tuesday over 2,500 employees and students passed through the Local Food Festival on central campus. The farmer’s market feel offered participants a break from the cafeteria, coffee shop, and food truck climate on campus. The event truly was “An Adventure  in Eating.”

Stress Profilers available through ISU WellBeing!

1 Oct 2018

Are you feeling overwhelmed, overworked, stressed out and depleted of energy and enthusiasm? Well, you aren't alone, approximately 59% of the workforce feels the same.

Special Half Day Flu Shot Clinic!

Thu., 02 Nov 2017, 8:00am
Occupational Medicince, Ames Lab - 205 Technical and Administrative Service Facility (TASF)

Ready, Set, Retire!


Thursday, June 23, 2022


Medicare and Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) Resources

Dayle Nickerson, Joan Grabenstetter, Bruce Johnson, and Robert Bergmann, SHIIP

Slides & Handouts

Iowa State University Benefits & Voluntary Retirement Savings

ISU Benefits Team

Slides & Handouts

Social Security presented by TIAA

Kelsey Summers, Jake Zehr, TIAA

  • Presentation (1 p.m. - 2 p.m.)
  • Please use the presentation link that was emailed to you after registering to access the session!

Q&A After Social Security Presentation!

Friday, June 24, 2022


Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System (IPERS)

Kim Pinegar, IPERS

Slides & Handouts

TIAA Retirement Income Options

Kelsey Summers or Jake Zehr, TIAA

Slides & Handouts

Additional Retirement Resources

  • Preparing for Retirement
  • A Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan allows you to contribute additional funds to your retirement on a tax-deferred, or after-tax (Roth) basis. Even with Social Security, pension plans, and savings accounts it can be difficult to save enough for retirement. A voluntary savings account can be a useful asset in helping you prepare for retirement.
  • Don’t Let Surprises Spoil Your Retirement” is currently available for viewing in Learn@ISU. During this Council Seminar Series Event in May, Barb Wollan, human sciences specialist in family finance, discussed costs employees will experience in retirement related to issues their employer takes care of while they are working, what current low inflation rates may mean, and more.


University Well-being Leadership Alliance (UWLA)

In July 2016, Iowa State University’s 2017-2022 Strategic Plan was completed and adopted by the Iowa Board of Regents. In the plan, the University adopted several Goals designed to encompass the spirit of whole person and whole system approaches to well-being, including Goal 3: Improve the quality of life for all Iowans through services and programs dedicated to economic development and the promotion of healthy communities, people, and environments, and Goal 4: Continue to enhance and cultivate the ISU Experience where faculty, staff, students, and visitors are safe and feel welcomed, supported, included, and valued by the university and each other. These goals recognize the importance of the interdependence of our people, our communities, and our world in transforming the culture at Iowa State University.

The University Well-being Leadership Alliance (UWLA) provides a venue for cultivating this interconnectedness and affirming the strategic direction for well-being at Iowa State University through ongoing communication, innovation, and collaboration. This systemic approach will create the opportunity to tap into the energy and enthusiasm of invested individuals and entities for thoughtful dialogue, aligned direction, and coordinated action across the University.


The purpose of the University Well-being Leadership Alliance (UWLA) is to create a teaming environment that provides an opportunity for invested stakeholders to collaborate across the University, to better align well-being priorities, and to take action in mobilizing the strategic direction for well-being at Iowa State University. By focusing on Goal 4 (and specifically Subgoal 4.2), the UWLA will enhance and promote all dimensions of well-being on the individual and institutional level. This focus will also indirectly address Goal 3, as campus is the hub that impacts our land grant mission throughout the state of Iowa. This cultural and systemic approach would include the following:

  • Built environments (anything structural with a focus on safety, functionality, sustainability, and connection to nature and to other people),
  • People (utilization of programs, policies, and practices that encourage and support employees and students), and
  • Social norms (the “why we do what we do” – shifting toward a more sustainable work life, more supportive student life, and more welcoming campus).




While the UWLA supports all subgoals under Goal #4, the UWLA’s primary focus is to advance Subgoal #4.2 to enhance the safety, health, well-being, and security of faculty, staff, students and visitors. The deliverables would include but are not limited to:

  • Improving the climate at Iowa State University with physical changes that cultivate a safe and supportive environment thereby recognizing the interconnectedness of individuals and the environment.
  • Strengthening our ISU culture to foster compassion, collaboration, and connection by promoting an inclusive community, positive social interaction, and mutual respect.
  • Enriching the quality of life for ISU students and employees by emphasizing individual and institutional well-being and addressing determinants of health, including:
    • improved equity,  
    • mental, physical and economical health,
    • social justice and respect for diversity,
    • safety and security,
    • sustainability, and
    • access to food.
  • Enhancing the ISU Experience by creating conditions to continually encourage well-being, engage strengths, and inspire personal development throughout the university.


Click to view the full UWLA Charter
Click here to view the UWLA Strategic Priorities

For more information email ISU WellBeing at



Protect Yourself from the Measles before the Students Return

19 Jul 2019

Before the students return to campus in mid-August, make sure you are protected against the Measles virus. As of last spring, the Measles virus has spread across the United States and made its way to Iowa. Currently, two confirmed cases have been reported in the state. This is a highly contagious disease that spreads easily through airborne droplets around the unvaccinated populations, such as babies and those with autoimmune diseases.

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