Stress Management

NEW Health For Every Body - Pilot program!

9 Feb 2018

Are you ready to focus on your health instead of your weight? Are you tired of wasting your valuable time thinking about food, your weight, and your body? Is it time to get off the weight-loss rollercoaster?

Join us for Our Health for Every Body® Program (HFEB)

ISU WellBeing puts a spin on traditional Cyday Friday event

22 Sep 2016

ISU WellBeing is teaming up with Cyday Friday to put their own spin on the well-known tradition at Iowa State, promoting walking on campus and fostering the work life balance. This is only the first of many weekly walking events that ISU WellBeing has planned for this fall.

On Purpose by Vic Strecher

5 Feb 2016

Looking for a great resource on purpose! Check out Vic Strecher's graphic novel, On Purpose! Vic shares his personal story of losing his daughter and his struggle to find purpose in living again. But the books not about grief only, you will go on his journey with him as he explores the science behind living with purpose in our every day. A great read that will make a difference in your life. Enjoy!

Stress Profilers available now!

1 Aug 2017

Are you feeling overwhelmed, overworked, stressed out and depleted of energy and enthusiasm? Well, you aren't alone, approximately 59% of the workforce feels the same. Stress is rampant in today's work environment and it's not slowing down. The Stress Profiler is a self assessment that indicates how much stress you are under, can help identify your top stressors, and provides additional resources and tools to get you started on a more stress free tomorrow. 

TIAA Provides Live Financial Webinars Monthly!

15 Mar 2016

Every month TIAA provides webinars for your financail well-being! Whether you are learning to spend within your means, investing in your future, or living in retirement, there is a webinar for you. These webinars are free to ISU employees! To register for one of the upcoming webinars, visit TIAA's Live Webinar Lounge, complete the login, and select the webinar of your choice. Here's what's on tap for September:

Wed, 3/16/2016 11 am to noon           Special Topic: Social Security

Emotional Intelligence Workshop, Thursday, March 10th!

1 Feb 2016

Why do some people seem to persevere in adversity and others quit? Just what does the phrase Emotional Intelligence (EQ) mean? This training will explain the difference between EQ and IQ and the importance of EQ in the workplace.