Don't Miss out on the Local Foods Festival 2017!!

05 Sep 2017

The third-annual Local Foods Festival will start at 9:30 a.m. and run until 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 19! Last year we had a record-breaking attendance of 2,500 ISU employees and students, and we’re hoping to have a great turn out again this year!

National Hand Washing Week

08 Dec 2016

We’ve all been there, someone coughs or sneezes directly into their hands and then proceeds to shake yours. We instantly become consumed by the thought of all the germs moving from their hands to ours and we get the urge to wash our hands. Well in honor of these all too frequent encounters and the cold and flu season, this week, December 4-12, is national handwashing week.

ISU Flu Shot Clinic a Success! Vaccine Options Still Available

26 Oct 2016

The flu shot clinic this October provided over 3,000 vaccines to employees on campus over the two-week period! Thank you for participating and making this service such a huge success!

For those who may have missed the clinic, don’t worry, there is still time and convenient options available for getting vaccinated this flu season.

Flu Clinic Ends this Friday, October 21!!

17 Oct 2016

Don’t delay, get your vaccination today!  Flu season is just around the corner and our supply is going fast. Over 1800 shots were provided last week through the clinic.

Cyday Friday success sparks weekly campus walks!!

13 Oct 2016

On Friday, September 30th, 136 employees were seen walking around central campus adorned in their favorite ISU gear. They were gathered for ISU WellBeing’s first Cyday Friday Walk.

ISU WellBeing puts a spin on traditional Cyday Friday event

22 Sep 2016

ISU WellBeing is teaming up with Cyday Friday to put their own spin on the well-known tradition at Iowa State, promoting walking on campus and fostering the work life balance. This is only the first of many weekly walking events that ISU WellBeing has planned for this fall.

The REALITY of Reality TV!!

23 May 2016



On Monday, May 2nd the New York Times released this article “After ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight” by Gina Kolata. The article speaks to the challenges the contestants in Season 8 had in keeping weight off after the program. In fact, 14 of the 16 were retested six years later by Dr. Kevin Hall at the National Institutes of Health and 13 of the 14 had regained weight.

Guest Blogger - Lisa Nolting, RD with ISU Dining!

15 Mar 2016

National Nutrition Month (often abbreviated NNM) is an annual nutrition education campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Direct from the Academy, “The theme for 2016 is "Savor the Flavor of Eating Right," which encourages everyone to take time to enjoy food traditions and appreciate the pleasures, great flavors and social experiences food can add to our lives. How, when, why and where we eat are just as important as what we eat.

Nutrition Counseling - ISU Employees Needed!

8 Jan 2018

Nutrition Counseling Available this Semester!

In partnership with the ISU Food Science and Human Nutrition Department, we are looking for healthy volunteers who are interested in nutrition counseling and/or coaching by an ISU dietetic student. Availability is limited and requests will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.