About WellBeing @ ISU

ISU WellBeing will create the conditions in which well-being and healthy lifestyles can thrive in our every day.

The wellness landscape over the last several decades has, like many fields today, evolved and transformed with our ever changing world. This evolution has taken many different forms over time, from focusing on physical health, to reducing health care costs, to providing a return on investment, to our current destination of culture as a competitive advantage. The new focus on culture requires a more expansive perspective and looks at the individual, the individual within the context of the organization, the organization as a system, and all the interdependent moving parts associated with this dynamic.

In this new landscape, the “culture of health and/or wellness” is now replaced by a call for a “thriving culture of well-being”. While these two concepts may sound similar, the two have very different meanings. In fact, this new understanding of well-being will require a fundamental paradigm shift in how wellness is done at the worksite.

In order to create these conditions in which well-being and healthy lifestyles can thrive, our model of well-being will expand to encompass the uniqueness of ISU.The guiding principles listed below define our thinking today and provide clarity for a better tomorrow.

  • Create conditions in which well-being thrives.
  • Build an environment that makes healthy choices an easy choice.
  • Support people from a "whole is greater than the sum of its parts" philosophy.
  • Recognize the importance and value of all elements of well-being.
  • Develop human capacity for growth and development

Campanile at Iowa State

ISU WellBeing Action Plan

We want to give people the skills for constant change – to help employees help themselves, and enable each person to be an advocate for him/herself. We will advance ISU’s culture as a great place to work and learn; a campus where every person may bring his/her best self to work and life!

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