About ISU WellBeing

Students Walking and Yellow Tree

ISU WellBeing will create the conditions in which well-being and healthy lifestyles can thrive in our every day.

Caring for our ISU community is our number one priority, and over the past years, we have continued to prioritize the well-being. development, and engagement of our employees at work and home. Our focus going forward is to continue to work toward a thriving culture, where all have the capacity to think well, live well, and feel well every day.  

It is critical to look at how we work and live, and not view well-being as something we do in addition to work. In integrating well-being in everything we do; we will use the following guiding principles to define our thinking today and provide clarity for a better tomorrow.  

  • Create the conditions in which well-being thrives.  
  • Build an environment that makes healthy choices an easy choice.  
  • Support people from a “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” philosophy. 
  • Recognize the importance and value of all elements of well-being.  
  • Demonstrate care through habits of creativity, awareness, resilience, and engagement. 
  • Develop human capacity for growth and development.  

In creating the conditions for well-being and healthy lifestyles at ISU, we will enhance the employee experience and create a university where every person may bring their best self to work and life! 

The best ideas manifest when we are our best selves. That is why it is so important that everyone takes time for self-care, rest, and renewal.

Wendy Wintersteen, President

ISU WellBeing Annual Reports

ISU WellBeing was established in 2015 with a five year plan to create the conditions in which well-being and healthy lifestyles can thrive in our every day. Over the years, ISU WellBeing has grown and evolved into a comprehensive worksite well-being service for the ISU community. Below are the annual reports created to capture the opportunities, outcomes, and impact on ISU's people and culture.