Strolls for Well-being at ISU: Press Pause & Take a Break...

NEW - Summer Strolls on now available online! Check out the six pause locations and themes of Reflection, Freedom and Fulfillment - plus 4 new Pick a Pause locations!

If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or simply need a break from what you are doing, the Strolls for Well-being at ISU were created to offer you various opportunities on central campus or wherever you are.  

Practicing mindfulness and making time for well-being supports your work-life balance and the ability to enjoy the present moment with happiness and wonder.  And we know that it is often difficult to find time for a formal practice. Whether you have 30 minutes or 5 minutes, these materials have been designed to be flexible and fit into your schedule. So, pick a pause, a stroll, or step away from your space and ‘pause where you are’– it is up to you.  These mindfulness practices offer Stroll pause locations on campus or Pick a Place close to where you. Decide where and then use the reflection questions to ponder or simple strategies to get you into the present moment. Make the time to take a few deep breaths, notice the natural beauty around you and simply ‘be’ for a few moments.

What there is to explore:

  • Background - Offers the background, foundation and how to get started- first steps.
  • Maps and Location Details - Offers the maps for each season with the locations and information on the pause locations selected.
  • FAQs - Offers responses to the frequently asked questions (so far).
  • Pause Where You Are - Options for when you have just a few minutes. There is a first and second edition of options
  • Pick a Pause - Options to explore one pause on campus.
  • Strolls by the Season - Strolls are made up of six pauses (stop locations) and each season utilizes the same six pauses with three different themes. 
    • Fall Stroll themes: Connection, Awareness and Transition 
    • Winter Stroll themes: Journey, Possibility and Gratitude
    • Spring Stroll themes: Joy, Forgiveness and Trust
    • Summer Stroll themes: Reflection, Freedom and Fulfillment - coming in June 2022!

The Strolls for Well-being at ISU program is a collaborative effort by the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) and ISU WellBeing to bring more mindfulness opportunities to campus. This program is based on the Stroll for Well-Being and Healing Gardens Walk program at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Florida. We thank the staff for their time, knowledge, and resources that they shared to make this program a reality at ISU.