The Impact of Adventure2

Adventure2 Annual Impact Analysis


Adventure2 is an online well-being and engagement portal launched in the fall of 2017 as a foundational component of ISU WellBeing. The program continues to support the health and well-being of those participating in the program. The Impact Analysis reports below demonstrate the changes in well-being of participants year over year in the program. They include program success measures, health, well-being, and productivity risk changes, as well as engagement, burnout, and turnover percentages across the population. To review the full report hit the button, and check out the archives below.


Read the personal stories and well-being journeys from our ISU community about how they have been impacted by Adventure2! Learn about why they would recommend it for other employees, how it is different from other well-being programs, how it has supported their personal well-being, and catch a glimpse of how it can support yours!