Journey with Mindfulness:  Welcoming a Fresh Start in 2022  

It is time to let go of the challenges in the past two years and Welcome a Fresh Start.  Many continue to feel overwhelmed, unsure, and just plain stressed out. One way to welcome a fresh start is to explore mindfulness practices. Mindfulness can bring awareness to what is important to you, help you connect with the people and world around you and bring you into the present moment.  The offerings below from ISU WorkLife and WellBeing are designed to help you learn about and experience the many benefits that mindfulness has to offer.

People who practice mindfulness can lower symptoms of anxiety and depression, slow their breathing and heart rate, and feel a greater sense of relaxation and calm.  Research has shown that regular mindfulness practice can:

  • boost your immune system,
  • improve concentration,
  • reduce stress, and
  • help you to be less reactive in difficult situations - become more responsive.

Your mindfulness practice can be sitting, moving, inside, outside, in silence, with sounds, by yourself or with a group.  It’s all about exploring the opportunities and deciding what works for you and fits into your lifestyle– then take action!

For 2022, ISU WellBeing will continue to create opportunities to explore various mindfulness practices.  Join us on this journey as we welcome a fresh start by learning and experiencing the many benefits from a regular mindfulness practice.


MID-MORNING MINDFULNESS - Live sessions ongoing every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am.  Live programming through Thursday, May 26.

There is no better way to stay focused and productive when all around you is a little chaotic than to practice mindfulness. Join your colleagues and the ISU WellBeing team, and special guests, for a simple 15-minute mindfulness experience.

If you are unable to join us in person - there are other mindfulness and meditation options on the Mid-Morning Mindfulness page here.

To register - email WorkLife and the registration link will be sent to you.



This 8-week program provides you with the tools and strategies to make the best decisions for yourself in relationship to food and how to create the healthy, energetic, and vibrant life you deserve.  

Future sessions dates will be announced when confirmed. 

If you are interested to be added toa waitlist for when the next series is open, email WorkLife.


STROLLS FOR WELL-BEING AT ISU: Press Pause and Take a Break  

Summer Strolls will launch the week of June 13!  Summer themes will be Reflection, Freedom and Fulfillment - with six new pause locations!

Looking for ways to support your well-being that will fit into your schedule when you need it?  Check out the Strolls for Well-being at ISU.  The Strolls (walks) are self-guided opportunities located on campus where you can pause at various locations, spend time in reflection and simply ‘be’ with your thoughts in nature. There are also options to Pause Where You Are if you are not located on central campus or for everyone when you only have a few minutes and want a mindful break.  All the materials can be downloaded from the website.

The Strolls for Well-being at ISU page has information and downloadable options for Strolls and Pauses that you can print off or open on your phone and step outside and go explore.  What you will find on the website are: 

  • Background - Offers the background, foundation and how to get started - first steps.
  • Maps and Location Details - Offers the seasonal maps with the locations and information on the pause locations selected.
  • FAQs - Offers responses to the frequently asked questions - so far.
  • Pause Where You Are - Options for when you have just a few minutes.  There are now two editions to offer more options!
  • Pick a Pause - Options to explore one pause on campus.
  • Nine strolls now available with Fall themes (Connection, Awareness and Transition), Winter themes (Possibility, Journey and Gratitude) and Spring themes (Joy, Forgiveness and Trust).  Each seasonal theme offers a different contemplative focus with quotes and prompts to guide your experience.  All downloadable on the website.

This is a new initiative created in collaboration with ISU WellBeing, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT), University Museums and Recreation Services.