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New Team Challenge in Adventure2!!

8 Jan 2018

Team Fitness Challenge: Crank the Planks!

One activity you can do just about anywhere, regardless of the weather, is a plank! If you've never done this exercise before, a plank is similar to the "up" position of a pushup and works your core ab muscles as well as your arms and shoulders.  Like a pushup, there are different ways to plank and it's a great strengthening exercise for all body types!

Nutrition Counseling - ISU Employees Needed!

8 Jan 2018

Nutrition Counseling Available this Semester!

In partnership with the ISU Food Science and Human Nutrition Department, we are looking for healthy volunteers who are interested in nutrition counseling and/or coaching by an ISU dietetic student. Availability is limited and requests will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.