ISU WellBeing Annual Reports


ISU WellBeing was established in 2015 with a five year plan to create the conditions in which well-being and healthy lifestyles can thrive in our every day. Over the years, ISU WellBeing has grown and evolved into a comprehensive worksite well-being service for the ISU community. Below are the first reports created to capture the opportunities, outcomes, and impact on ISU's people and culture. 

"The best ideas manifest when we are our best selves.

That is why it is so important that everyone takes time for self-care, rest, and renewal."   

~President Wendy Wintersteen, April 2020


Bridging to Tomorrow

As we navigate through the pandemic, CARING FOR OUR COMMUNITY will be the number one priority of ISU WellBeing in the upcoming years. We will continue to build on the foundation of care we have created at ISU and will continue to connect with employees in a caring manner.


  • Care for ourselves, our colleagues, our families and our communities to promote personal well-being and professional fulfillment.
  • Demonstrate care through habits of Creativity, Awareness, Resilience, and Engagement.
  • Create a safe and supportive environment in which well-being and health can thrive. And,
  • Foster an inclusive and engaging culture for all to bring their best self to work and life every day.