It is easy to get wrapped up in the cycle of ‘if only’ and ‘what if’. By being present, you stay in the moment and release the concerns about the past and anxiety of the future. You can control your reactions, focus on what's important, and use your time more effectively – now. 

Activity 1: 

Fall is the perfect time to hunker down and read deeply

Writer Melissa Kirsch of The New York Times shared her thoughts on the Fall Book season "The 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature was announced this week, going to the French writer Annie Ernaux. The finalists for the National Book Award were also announced. Check out the lists and see what appeals to you then cross-reference with New York Times reviews and update your list. In middle school, we had a short period each morning that was devoted to SURE (Silent Uninterrupted Reading for Enjoyment). My teachers were not thinking of the constant intrusion of mobile push alerts when they devised SURE, but it makes the acronym no less useful today. Invoke SURE for the whole family for an hour of an afternnon" We at ISU WellBeing love this idea!!! How can you invite SURE into your life?

Activity 2: 

Today I am grateful for…

What are you grateful for? The CBS morning show shared a story about a new book that features tens of thousands of journal entries expressing gratitude. It all began when Teddy Droseros left journals in coffee shops and classrooms around the country for people to write down what they were grateful for. Today, those journals have amassed tens of thousands of entries, some of which are part of a new book called "Today I Am Grateful For..." You can watch the story here. Find out more at the website of Grateful Peoples. This amazing video shares the outcomes experienced when the grateful practice was introduced into a middle school.

Activity 3:  

Staying hydrated is important!

Did you know as much as 65% of your body consists of water? Water is an essential element of life! Every cell in your body, over 37 trillion of them, requires water to function optimally.

Water helps maintain your internal temperature, aids digestion, lubricates your joints and tissues, and keeps your skin healthy. Throughout the day, you lose fluids through perspiration, urination, bowel movements, and respiration, so replacing them is necessary! Hydration impacts a significant number of your body’s functions and systems, which is why dehydration can cause a slew of symptoms, including lethargy, difficulty concentrating, irritability or depression, low mood, headaches, muscle cramps, fatigue, and memory problems. Insufficient water intake increases your risk of UTIs, kidney stones, gallstones, and constipation. Check out this recent EFR blog on the importance and health benefits of staying hydrated

Activity 4:  

Employee & Family Resources (EFR) Monthly podcast – Emotion Well

EFR has monthly podcast available on various topics. In May, there were two special episodes in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month!  Check out the EFR podcasts here

Let’s Talk About It: Lyndsey Fennelly is a mother, wife, basketball skill trainer, former Iowa State University All American athlete, and mental health advocate. Lyndsey shares her first-hand account of living with a mental health diagnosis, the path she took to get the help she needed, and how opening up about her journey has been helpful to others and herself.

Mental Health Matters: Lars Peterson sits down with us to discuss mental health diagnoses, the prevalence of mental health across all age ranges, and why it matters that workplaces and leaders understand the basics of mental health, Join Lars as he shares ideas for grounding exercises, breathing exercises, and explains the Window of Tolerance. In addition, we share our benefit upgrades for EAP clients effective immediately!

Activity 5: 

Explore Iowa State University Museums

There is a wealth of information and opportuntities through the Iowa State University Museums. In addition to in-person options, there are also many virtual options including coloring book, digital puzzles, past virtual programs, and fun zoom backgrounds. Check out these out and new upcoming events

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