Half Mile Routes

Armory                                               Gilman Hall                           Howe Hall              Molecular Biology

College of Design                              Hoover Hall                           MacKay Hall

There are a few considerations regarding walking in buildings and safely walking outdoors. Please review safe walking tips & outdoor walking tips before utilizing our indoor and outdoor walking routes.

You can download all of the Map Routes here.


First Floor

This route provides you with the opporutnity to enjoy one of Iowa States most historic buildings. Built in 1920 then built again in 1923 after a fire - this building has held many student activities and is the current home of three ROTC programs. For more information about the Armory, Click here.

College of Design

All Floors

This building is fascinating enough for a special trip! With design students artwork covering the walls, pop up art shows, and an interesting flying man made out of wood, you will have plenty to look at. With two quick laps you'll have walked an entire mile without even knowing it. 

Gilman Hall

Third Floor

Gilman Hall is the home of the Department of Chemistry - and is named after Professor Henry Gilman. This building houses a collage from his tenure at ISU. In the south entrance hallway you can find wooden boxes labeled with his students names - these boxes held chemical compounds. This collage is one of the interesting tidbits you can find while roaming the halls of Gilman.  

Hoover Hall

First floor

While Hoover Hall is known for engineering - it has some great sculptures within its walls. Artist Seymour Lipton has two great scluptures placed within Hoover. The two pieces Bond and Inquisitor are made of silver, and nickel and stand at heights of 70 inches and 81 inches respectively. Take the time to go and explore these routes and see if you can find these considerable art pieces.

Howe Hall

Second Floor

Howe Hall like its counterpart Hoover Hall has some incredible attractions. The home of Aeropspace Engineering has a hanging AirISU plane, Astro Cy, and actual pieces from space crafts! To learn more about the pieces within this building and Iowa State's connection to NASA consider walking this route! For more information about Howe Hall, Click here.

MacKay Hall

Ground, First and Second Floors

MacKay Hall has two Batchelder Fountains created by Ernest A. Batchelder set into the walls on opposing sides. These two fountains are no longer in operation but were once used for planters, and drinking fountains. After the renovation, these coloful fountains "invite moments of wonder and quiet reflection". Take a moment out of your busy day to take in these two fountains. For more information about the Batchelder Fountains, Click here.

Molecular Biology

First Floor

The striking building that Molecular Biology has it's designs set in scientific themes. Walking inside, the atrium features a DNA molecule created out of mosaic tiles. The combination of science and art is present throughout the entire building. Take a walk through this building to see the work titled "The G-Nome Project" created by Andrew Leicester. For more information about the Molecular Biology Building, Click here.