Half Mile Routes


     West Engineering Route

     Campanile Tradition Route 

     Agriculture Route                     

     Black Engineering Route        

     Lake LaVerne Route

     Central Campus Route




West Engineering Half Mile Route

Engineering was one of the first programs offered at Iowa Agricultural College — now Iowa State University — when the university was established in 1858. The first students who arrived studied agriculture and mechanics, but soon after, several branches of engineering developed out of the mechanics courses. When the first Iowa State class graduated in 1872, six of the 26 students graduated with engineering degrees – four in civil and two in mechanical. For more information on Iowa State History, Click here.

West Engineering Map PDF


Campanile Tradition Half mile Route

This clock tower has been a staple at Iowa State for many years and the best-known tradition that goes along with it is no exception. Campaniling is how a student officially becomes an Iowa Stater, when he or she is kissed under the Campanile at midnight. This route was named for the famous tradition – while walking this route consider the many things that constitute being a true Iowa Stater. For more information about the Campanile, click here.

Campanile Tradition Map PDF


Agriculture Half Mile Route

Iowa State University was once called Iowa Agricultural College. The study of agriculture at Iowa State has given us many of the innovations we see in use today, some of which include development of the first large round baler, the nation’s first course in dairying, and the first comprehensive report on Iowa’s varied soils. This route takes you through the Agronomy Hall courtyard, where people are studying and working towards more agricultural advances. For more information on Agriculture at ISU, click here.

Agriculture Map PDF


Black Engineering Half Mile Route

This route is named for the engineering building that was “engineered” as a model of energy efficiency. It’s notable for its advanced heating and cooling system that varies the amount of air circulating in the building for maximum comfort and minimum fuel use. For more information about the Black Engineering building, click here.

Black Engineering Map PDF


Lake LaVerne Half Mile Route

The Lake LaVerne route is a relaxing alternative to the rambunctious Central Campus route. Legend has it if you and your beloved walk silently around Lake LaVerne three times, you are destined to be soul mates! Even if you are not there to walk with your soul mate, you can search for the lake’s famous feathered soul mates, Lancelot and Elaine. The two “love birds” have been a part of Lake LaVerne’s history since VEISHEA in 1935!

Lake LaVerne Map PDF


Central Campus Half Mile Route

The Central Campus route takes you around the Campanile and by two of Iowa State’s most iconic buildings, Curtiss and Beardshear Halls. This is a great walk for sightseeing and people watching, but we do not recommend attempting this route as a run during the day! You are likely to be dodging hammocks, Frisbees, and students playing intramural sports. You will not be without entertainment for this route!

Central Campus Map PDF