Journey with Mindfulness:

Finding Your Anchor in 2021

Like many people, 2020 may have left you drifting in a place of uncertainty and constant change, searching for a sense of belonging and calm – an anchor. People who practice mindfulness can lower symptoms of anxiety and depression, slow their breathing and heart rate, and feel a greater sense of relaxation and calm.  Research has shown that regular mindfulness practice can:

  • boost your immune system,
  • improve concentration,
  • reduce stress, and
  • help you to be less reactive in difficult situations. 

A mindfulness practice can be sitting, moving, inside, outside, in silence, with sounds, by yourself or with a group.  It is all about finding your anchor… what works for you and fits into your lifestyle.

For 2021, ISU WellBeing is creating opportunities to explore various mindfulness practices to help you find your anchor. Join us on this journey as we learn about and experience the many benefits with mindfulness.


MID-MORNING MINDFULNESS - Live sessions will continue now until August 12.  There is a new zoom link - so follow the registration link below.

One way to stay focused and productive when all around you is a little chaotic is by having a regular mindfulness practice. Sessions continue Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 – 10:15 am. 

More information and to register, click here.

Adventure2 = 20 pts/week

MEDITATION 301: BEYOND MINDFULNESS - Cultivating Positive Emotions   - This summer 8-week series has begun.  There is a new zoom link, register below.

Back by popular demand - Professor and Zen monk Dr. Douglas Gentile will begin an 8-week summer session on June 14th.  Many people begin a meditation practice to become calmer and happier.  Too many times, however, it is used as an analgesic - removing the pain without addressing the cause.  There are meditation techniques designed to cultivate easier access to positive emotions, such as loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity.  We will focus on these practices during the summer, given that it may be stressful for everyone returning to work post-covid.  No prior meditation experience is needed.

If you can not join us live, the first 13-week series of 30 minute practices were recorded.  You can use these sessions to support building a regular practice and you will find them here.

Email WorkLife to receive a registration.


ISU WELLBEING BOOK CLUB - Thanks for supporting the book club - great discussions.  More information coming soon on the next book selection.

An opportunity to read a book to that supports your overall well-being and offer the space to connect with other ISU employees for a great discussion. 
We will keep you posted on what book and when the dates and time that discussions will be offered.  In the meantime, check out The Iowa State University Book Store and their wide selection of books and other resources.   


AM I HUNGRY? MINDFUL EATING PROGRAM - Planning for summer/fall 2021 - we will keep you posted for when the next sessions are scheduled.

This program provides you with the tools and strategies to make the best decisions for yourself in relationship to food and how to create the healthy, energetic, and vibrant life you deserve. The 8-week session will be offered again soon, so watch for details and dates coming soon.  

WHOLEHEARTED LIVING LUNCH AND LEARN  There will be an 'alumni' series this summer - watch your email for details.

There will be a new series offered in Fall 2021.  Watch for details. 

Based on Brene Brown’s book, The Gifts of Imperfection, this series will explore the 10 Guideposts of Wholehearted Living and how to engage with the world from a place of worthiness.