Sharing Goodness (this one's for Chris!)

I was asked the other day in the review of this website the question “Why a blog? What will you use it for?” Honestly, my first thought was “I really am not sure.” For those who know me, this probably comes as no surprise, since I don’t use social media and prefer in-person or phone over Facebook. (Seriously, not to date myself, but when I went to college, I took a typewriter/word processor and that was pretty advanced at the time. So to think about blogging for this site for all to view, well, that’s a little overwhelming for me.)

Even after a few seconds to process, my next best answer was “because others thought it was a good idea.” Which in retrospect really doesn’t cut it either. However, having had some time to process that intriguing question and drumming up a little courage, I have some new insight. The truth is, I want to share goodness! I have been working in wellness and health promotion for quite some time and I am excited about the opportunity to share some of my experiences, thoughts and perspectives with you.

This doesn’t mean I have all the answers or would I ever assume too, but what I have learned is this, it isn’t always the answers that matter…it’s the learning you take from the moments that makes the difference! This blog gives me a chance to share those moments (yours and mine) and the learning we derive from them. That's important to me because it's an opportunity to live out my purpose. You see, in the workshops and presentations I have provided over the years, we always touch on purpose. And, when I ask participants what THEIR purpose is, consistently less than 10% can say they have thought through and written it out. Well, I took some time to process my purpose and write it out a few years ago and here it is…to enjoy all moments of my life by living fully through love and light, and to share that goodness with others.  

And with that, I have my answer. The reason I have a blog. This is one way I can “share the goodness" of well-being with well, thinking well, and being well! That’s what you can expect to find here and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Be well!

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