ISU WellBeing puts a spin on traditional Cyday Friday event

22 Sep 2016

ISU WellBeing is teaming up with Cyday Friday to put their own spin on the well-known tradition at Iowa State, promoting walking on campus and fostering the work life balance. This is only the first of many weekly walking events that ISU WellBeing has planned for this fall.

Local Food Festival Brings Farmers Market to Campus!

20 Sep 2016

This Tuesday over 2,500 employees and students passed through the Local Food Festival on central campus. The farmer’s market feel offered participants a break from the cafeteria, coffee shop, and food truck climate on campus. The event truly was “An Adventure  in Eating.”

Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Feb 27 - Mar 4

15 Feb 2017

Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness (BIEDA) a new student organization is planning a series of events the week of Feb 27th in support of Eating Disorder Awareness Week. The events include a documentary on why poor body image has become a global epidemic, a presentation by James "Buck" Runyan covering what eating disorders are and more importantly what they are not, and a Rock Your Body Party!

ISU Student Wellness Launches New Website!

10 Feb 2017

ISU Student Wellness Director, Mark Rowe-Barth, announced the official launch of the Student Wellness website this week.

Safe Toy and Gift Month

02 Dec 2016

Well, we’ve definitely made our way into the holiday season. We’re surrounded by decorations, cookies, parties, warm greetings, and for many of us, a few gifts. As a part of many different holiday traditions, we give gifts to children and loved ones. Whether it’s honoring the eight days of Hanukah, a Christmas present from Santa, or you’re simply celebrating a winter birthday, there may be children’s presents involved.

Friday Walk & Talk Program Ends for the Season

22 Nov 2016

For the past six weeks ISU employees have gathered in front of Beardshear hall at 12:15 every Friday to walk as a group. The weekly event, Friday Walk & Talks, were hosted by ISU WellBeing and offered employees a chance to get away from their desks and get some fresh air. Every week there were new faces, new walking partners, and new connections.