Live Events: May 18th - 22nd

18 May 2020


Tuesday, May 19:


Wednesday, May 20:

  • EAP webinar:  Deepening Relationships - 1:00 pm CST
    • The stress associated with COVID-19 can test our most important relationships. Maintaining these relationships through this difficult period can be challenging but this time can also be an opportunity for growth. This webinar will provide you with the foundation and practical tools so that you can go beyond maintaining your most important relationships to improve and strengthen them.


  • NAMI webinar: Inspiration Speakers Series – Denyon Salox - WHAT IS "THE BUCKET LIST LIFE"? – Noon
    • Kenyon Salo, known as the “James Bond of Speaking”, shows you how his three simple concepts of living “The Bucket List Life” will guide you to fulfillment on your life-long journey. During this highly energetic and engaging presentation, you will learn how to create phenomenal experiences, share powerful stories, and help others along the way.  The Bucket List Life and Kenyon Salo will help you elevate your life, both personally and professionally


Thursday, May 21:


Friday, May 22:

  • Parenting Webinar: “Our Brains as Story-Telling Machines – Who’s in Charge?” Presented by Karen Kerns at 10:00am
    • Once upon a time we were born whole, equipped, happy, and unbiased and then one day . . . all sorts of things happened. As we live through situations we tend to run on autopilot--working toward managing and doing.  What would it look like to gently, gently add in a strategy that empowers us to influence and connect our stories in a way that improves connection with others and ourselves? 

  • Walk and Talk - taking a break until June.  Keep walking on your own or call a friend!
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