Live Events: May May 25th - May 29th

25 May 2020


Tuesday, May 26:

Wednesday, May 27:

  • EAP webinar: Managing Difficult Conversations - 10:00 am 

    The ability to communicate with coworkers or family members is crucial- and especially challenging during these times of stress and uncertainty. Learn ways to manage difficult conversations and improve your relationships at home and work

  • NAMI Webinar: What is "The Wingman"? - meet Lt. Col. Waldo Walkdmanx - Noon

    Waldo served as a decorated fighter pilot where he led missions worldwide. He then earned an MBA and continued to thrive in the private sector. His leadership & real-world business experience provides him the insights and skillset to consult with the largest, most diverse companies in the world.
  • Webinar: Well-being Wednesday Conversation – 2:30 – 3:00pm
    • Speaker: Stephanie Downs of ISU WellBeing will lead this conversation
    • Topic: Well-being Check In: Transition to Campus?

Thursday, May 28:

Friday, May 29:

  • Parenting Webinar: Achieving Balance as a Work-at-Home Parent - 10:00 am
    Are your new, tiny colleagues keeping you from being as productive as you want to be in your home environment? It’s not easy balancing work and home when child care is not an option. How well you manage this can make a significant difference to your work output as well as your relationship with your family. Malisa Rader, ISU Extension and Outreach human sciences specialist in the area of family life, will share tips for successfully navigating, or at least surviving, juggling work and child care.
  • Walk and Talk - taking a break until June.  Keep walking on your own or call a friend!


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